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KC Quality Home Inspection is based in wonderful McKinney, Texas. After spending around 8 years in general construction and electrical, with four more years in a management position it was time to start our own business. Our commitment to you is to provide honest service, quality, and a competitive price. Now with over 15 years full time as a TREC Licensed Professional Home Inspector, not part time but full time inspecting out in the field, we can help.

There are things that you as a homebuyer, or seller, should know about your home. That's where we step in and show you what problems might be present. Remember, not all inspectors are the same. We do not hurry through the inspection or cut corners. We are licensed as a TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) Professional Real Estate Inspector and we perform as such.

Our inspection does not just stop when your report is complete. We are always just a phone call away. If you have any questions or concerns, even if it's weeks after your inspection please feel free to give us a call.

Need references? Check out my links page and feel free to call any agent on that list to ask them why they use us.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to providing our service to you and your family.

Some Personal information:

After having this website up and many professional people telling me to leave out personal information I just can not help but give you a little information. I am Rick Comnick, my age is 40's, married with two of the best kids in the world. Family is the most important thing in my life, trying to take even 30 minutes out of a busy day to play a game with the kids is a must do. Trying to save sometime during the week to watch a TV show with my great wife is also high on my list. Sitting down for dinner together and going to church on Sunday is a regular thing at our house.

Why did I get into home inspection? Really the answer might surprise people, I did it to help people, share information, have my own business, have a job that was different everyday (no two houses are the same) and because I had a good friend that had been doing it for 6 years when I was ready to get started. Once I figured out I wanted to be a home inspector I trained hard with my friend, before I ever did my first inspection I had been out on a total of 40. In addition, all the hours of training at school and lab work that I put in made me confident I found the right field of work to tackle. Now with all the home inspections I have preformed, plus continuing education, I still love to go out to inspect! Sure, some days when I have a 1940's Pier & Beam that has not been updated makes for a very long, hard and not so fun day. However, when it is done and I go over the report with my client I feel great. The best part of the day is when the client ends it with a handshake and gives me the normal "Thank you so much, I learned so much today from you".

I have to say that my stepfather was a huge influence in my life and my work habits. He was one that pushed me to always do better than the person next to me. He was the type man that worked an 8-hour day construction, to only come home and work another 4 hours on our house. Growing up I watched him tear a home down to the studs and rebuild everything, yes I used a hammer at 12 years old very well. He helped me with my first job at 14 in lawn service, second job at a rest home when I was 16 and then at 18 I went into construction with him (contractor of TU electric). I will say this when I graduated from high school he told me to take the summer off, I did not work at all that summer until everyone else went back to school. That is when I started to work with him, he said it was my last time to just enjoy not working until it was time to retire. That whole summer he supported anything I wanted to do, then when it was over he showed me what real work was like.

Enough about work! If you have any questions about my home inspection business, my life or just general questions feel free to call. I do enjoy what I do and the people I meet. My referrals are my favorite things, its always nice to get a call and hear "My brother told me I have to use you for my home inspection" or from anyone else. Give me a call, let me inspect for you, see why people use me over and over again.

 Phone:  (214) 202-9500
E-Mail: rick@kcquality.com  

Rick Comnick
TREC Professional Inspector #6229
McKinney, TX

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